Kym Burke’s professional interests traverse the field of fine art, facilitation and collaborative strategic planning. This creates challenges of achieving solutions through complex processes of research, colation, reconfiguring, and alignment which play a significant role in her own unique artmaking processes.


After successfully completing a year in a Diploma in Applied Arts at Whitiriea Polytechnic in 2009, Burke has worked independently as an artist, taking time to experiment and explore a range of media, processes and techniques.  

The labour-intensive process she has developed are integral to the expression of her work.  Burke purposefully selects materials and design elements that offer contrasts and visual disparities - delicate/bold, uniform/random. By first dismantling the surface plane and then reconciling the pieces into a unique grid-like composition, the dualistic tensions become harmoniously integrated.

Her approach is inventive and contemporary, disregarding the traditional boundaries between painting, sculpture and printmaking. She works with a vibrant palette using contrasting colour, texture and imagery to subtly reference feminine and masculine.  While the surface of the artworks appear formal, fragmented and meticulously constructed, the resulting imagery remains intuitive, expressive and familiar.


K Y M  B U R K E



    New Zealand Artist



Show casing work by              New Zealand artist Kym Burke