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Kym Burke is an Auckland based visual artist. Burke has worked independently since 2010, taking time to experiment and explore a range of media, processes and techniques. Her work is deeply personal, exploring themes of longing, belonging, and the inner and outer experience of everyday life. 


The processes she has developed are integral to the expression of her work.  She purposefully selects materials and design elements that offer contrasts and visual disparities - delicate/bold, uniform/random. In some works, carving into or dismantling the surface plane, reconciling aesthetic tensions so as to become harmoniously integrated. 


Her approach is inventive and contemporary, exploring the boundaries between painting and other disciplines. She works with a vibrant palette using contrasting colour, texture and imagery.  While the process is meticulous, the resulting imagery remains intuitive, expressive and familiar.


K Y M  B U R K E



    New Zealand Artist



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